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Home Page Poem Continued...

For our time with her went by to quickly
As it seemed she was just too sickly
More rapid than we wanted as her time had come
It seems like all that knew her had become so numb

We all cried out that how could this be
For she was not to go before any of us let alone me
It seemed that all of us had hit one great big wall
For we knew in the end God had a plan for her and for all

As our time kept on slipping, it seemed to fly by
For we knew she was headed for heaven up in the sky
So in the end it seemed like she flew
With pieces of our hearts and our love for her too

Then in a moment her fate had been sealed
For we all knew she could not be healed
The unbelievable had happened and it was just all too real
We were losing her to heaven, we had no appeal

We dressed her one final time from her head to her toe
Her clothes were so precious, she had such a glow
She had all those that loved her there by her side
As we all held her close and sobbingly cried

Her eyes always twinkled, her smiles were so merry
Her cheeks were so rosy, and she could fly like a fairy
With her mommy holding her tight as she took her final breath,
Daddy was there too in that last breath

You could see she was at piece as she left us for heaven
It was a relief to know she was already forgiven
Because she had autism, God knew she was special
If she has her own way you know everyone will be quite social

Once she had made it up to heaven with cheer
She immediately looked back down to earth to see all those she loved with a tear
She sent down this message to all that she loved,
“I will see you soon here in heaven along with God’s doves”

What words can we speak to portray the loss we feel?
At least it gives us peace to know she has God’s seal
God’s seal is so special because it means she is with Him
Otherwise we would have no hope to see her again which would leave life so grim

We all sprang by her side to say one final good bye
Even though her spirit had already left for the sky
It seems she exclaimed as she left us that night,
“I love you all so much and all of you will be alright”

You now are our angel looking down from above
As you look after us all with all of your love
To think of you up there gives us all so much peace
Because one day soon we will be back reunited with thee

by Kristena
For more writings visit Mari's website at

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